Operation Ababil Phase2 一時中断

先週も攻撃が続いていた Operation Ababil Phase2ですが、攻撃が一時中断されました。理由は YouTubeで公開されていたビデオのうちの一つが削除されたためです*1


This is a clear indication of progress and establishment of logic instead of obstinacy. This positive move is a humanitarian effort and in line with paying respect to divine religions which has made billions of people love them; and it's a becoming and proper action. All of us -al-Qassam group, U.S. government, and even YouTube and Google's managers- carrying on such a wise action have contributed to this victory and progress.

The al-Qassam cyber fighters lauds this positive measure of YouTube and on this basis suspends his operation and plans to give a time to Google and U.S. government to remove the other copies of film as well. During the suspension of Operation Ababil, no attack to U.S. banks would take place by al-Qassam cyber fighters.

また同じ声明の中で、攻撃が中断する前の週に 26の銀行に対して攻撃を実施したことを明らかにしています。

During previous week of operation the following list of 26 U.S. banks were under attack by al-Qassam cyber fighters:

Wells Fargo, BoA, PNC, CapitalOne, Citibank, HarrisBank, Huntington, Zions Bank, Regions F.C., J.M. Chase, BB&T, Key, Union bank, Comerica, 5/3, FirstCitizens, CitizenBank, UMPQUABANK.COM, Peoples U.F., UFCU, BBVACompass, UMB, PATELCO, M&T BANK, BankOfTheWest, and Synovus F.C.

We will consider this step in the future invoices if ever needed.

We had decided to continue attack on 10 banks during current week but it was canceled because of suspension of operation.


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*1:攻撃者が削除を求めていた複数のビデオのうち、最も再生回数の多かったものが 1/29に突然削除されました。削除された理由はよくわかりません。