また昨年4月の悪夢が甦るのでしょうか。昨年末の 12/28に、Anonymousは Sonyに対する攻撃作戦 OpSonyを再び実施することを発表しました。攻撃の理由は、Sonyが SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)に対する支持を表明しているためです。(SOPAについての説明は省きます。このへんの解説やこのへんの翻訳記事を参照。)

公開されている SOPA支持企業リスト(PDF)によると、Sony関連企業では以下の 3社が記載されています。

  • Sony/ATV Music Publishing
  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • Sony Music Nashville

前回の OpSonyでは、Anonymousは PSN (PlayStation Network)などのサーバに対する DDoSを行いましたが、ゲームができなくなった PSNユーザーから反感を買う結果になってしまいました。その反省を踏まえて、今回は PSNはターゲットからはずし、DDoSも実施しない、ユーザの個人情報は公開しない、などのルールを定めているようです。では今回の攻撃対象は何でしょうか? すでに Operation Sony Hubという今回の作戦におけるポータルサイトのようなものが立ち上がっていますが、そこに攻撃対象についての計画が記載されています。以下に引用します。

The Plan

  • Hack into the Sony Online Store. Make everything both appear to be free and actually be capable of being given away for free. Send shipping costs to the executives' credit cards. When they cancel the cards, then make users pay for their own shipping.
  • Take down all Sony websites (except playstation.com) and redirect to sony.com, where we will work our magic.
  • On Sony.com we will have our fun. We will post a press release and enable the download of the complete discography of every Sony Music artist. We will also enable movie downloads (possibly even unreleased movies, although unlikely) and public access to the dox info on Sony's executives. There will be a link to the Sony Online Store for people to come and take all of Sony's stuff for free. This will all be a part of The Payload.
  • We will need a way to prevent Sony from reversing these changes. More than just changing their server password.
  • No meme-usage except for in The Preplan. We need to be intimidating and we need to appear like some elite hacker force to the news channels and to the nation's technically illiterate grandmothers. We need to strike fear into them. DDoSing and memes will make us appear to be script kiddies, and the news will not pay us proper attention. Nobody gives a fuck if you manage to take sony.com out for a day. If you give all of their products away for free and deface them, however, congratulations: you've got the eyes of the nation. If we look like kids to the public we'll be treated like kids. It's time to follow through and get some real shit done.
  • Do all of this simultaneously except for the The Preplan. It all needs to be deployed at once. There is currently no set date. We need to get this right, so when we're ready, we'll attack. For those of you with itchy trigger fingers, that means wait until everyone else is ready to play their part. The order to attack will be given once everyone is ready.